Yoga with a Yogi

The other half of the sleeping pill worked until shortly after 05:00. Nancy had a yoga session (with some woman who’s name was not Yogi) from 07:30 – 09:00 while I took off for some more Old Delhi fun. Went to the vegetable market where I found some very reasonably priced cauliflowers and  the Eunuchs’ penis’s.cauliflowersIMG_0048 Back to the hotel for breakfast and Nancy then off to the Humayun tomb.

Then after we stopped in to see Ghandi’s house we went to the Sikh temple where volunteers feed thousands of people a day using the world’s largest wok.

Sikh kitchen 5Dinner out at Bukhara where the specialty was food cooked in Tandoori ovens. The cooks worked behind plexiglass.

It was like a fast food place masquerading as sort of fine dining. In, order, drink beer, eat food and leave in 45 minutes. Go for the chicken, the prawns were weak.