The Beacon – February 2016

In From Other Parts by Michael Rae

The year 2016 promises to be an exciting time here at AIMS. We have had a busy month of January with significant exposure across media throughout the region and in some national outlets on a few of our research and opinion pieces. We continue to promote greater accountability to equalization and to show evidence that Energy East can be completed in benefit of both economy and environment. Our commentaries on the budget debates in Newfoundland and Labrador and in New Brunswick continue to be among the few voices calling for prudence and balance. Our promotion of more openness to innovation and more accountability on healthcare is also getting attention. Our awareness programme at has brought a good deal of attention to issues of public spending, and to the above-average civil service numbers in the Atlantic region.

There is reason to be concerned about the fiscal position of our regional governments as headwinds of economic uncertainty continue to blow and batter resource sectors. We intend to keep watch on developments and to continue to promote the message of efficiency, greater productivity, and responsible spending inside long term strategies for regional growth.
February is shaping up to be even better than January at AIMS. We’ve expanded our team and set forth on several exciting initiatives. We are excited about new additions to the research team, which we will announce in the coming days.
Marco Navarro-Génie, PhD
AIMS Senior Fellow David McKinnon and President Marco Navarro-Genie: “Atlantic Canada must be told ‘no’, or it will continue