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Taxi’s fight back Still no change to industry but hey, maybe its good enough!

In Transport by Michael Rae

Toronto-based CellWand Communications has released an app (The Ride, available on App and Android) that hooks you up with all the taxi’s now in service across the country as well as CAr2Go, ZipCar and all sorts of public transit, though how it calls you a subway car I’m not sure. That guide to transit by itself is pretty useful, and this all seems like a good thing, and may help save a portion of the Taxi business, but as an UBER user, it just isn’t enough. I still have not enough cabs when I really need them, I still have an artificial restricted market model, unfair to both drivers and riders. There’s a fee of $2 to call a cab, same grotty vehicles, and of course The Ride is endorsed by the taxi industry.

A talking point —You avoid surge charges!, irrelevant if no ride shows up, but a market advantage for sure for those who wish to wait.
The other argument of course is that the drivers are licensed, have proper insurance and background checks, which UBER argues are all issues they have dealt with.

“The Ride is a great example of innovation within the regulated transportation industry and the Canadian Taxi Association is excited to see its launch,” Jim Bell, the Canadian Taxi Association’s executive director, said in a statement. “I think this is the type of app our politicians and regulators need to look at as an example of the right way of innovating within our industry.”

But let’s get rid of the restrictions on trade imposed by the unnecessary licensing models used in cities like Vancouver and Calgary, so progressive in other ways but so regressive over this issue. And let an obsolete industry die, we did it before, every recycling firm in Calgary was put out of business by the City of Calgary’s recylcing program, for example.

Courtesy The Australian Taxpayers Alliance