Surface Transportation News: Priced managed lanes rebound from pandemic, vehicle electrification concerns, and more

In Politics by Michael Rae

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Priced managed lanes rebound from the pandemicRhode Island heavy truck tolls are unconstitutionalGrowing concerns about vehicle electrificationConsistent policies for managed lane networksNew questions about urban automated vehiclesUndercutting users-pay/users-benefitClearing debris from highway lanes, safelyNews NotesQuotable Quotes

Priced Managed Lanes Rebound from Pandemic

When traffic flow collapsed nationwide in the first half of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, many skeptics suggested that variably-priced express toll lanes risked going under. That is especially true of those that were financed based on projected traffic flows. How could these facilities survive when there was hardly any traffic congestion? Who would pay tolls to avoid non-existent