Surface Transportation News: Annual Highway Report, the feasibility of net zero by 2050, and more

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Reason’s 27th Annual Highway Report rankings and changes

How feasible is U.S. net zero by 2050?

Rethinking the I-5 Oregon/Washington bridge replacement

Toll evasion with all-electronic tolling

Where is the national per-mile user fee pilot?

P3 truck toll bridge debuts in Illinois

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27th Annual Highway Report’s Rankings and ChangesBy Baruch Feigenbaum

Reason Foundation recently released its 27th Annual Highway Report. Initially developed by the late David Hartgen and refined by our transportation and quantitative teams, the report evaluates state highway systems in four category types: expenditures (capital and bridge, maintenance, administrative, and other), pavement quality (rural Interstates, urban Interstates, rural arterials, and urban arterials),