Ranthambored Up at the crack of “wtf it’s still dark outside”

to get a bowl of watery porridge  while waiting for our driver to take us into the park.

Farouk shows up, we climb into an open air safari jeep get covered up with blankets and hot water bottles and head off. We get into Zone 1 (there are eight zones, each drive you are assigned a zone you can drive around in) and … search futilely for tigers until 10:00 when they lock the gates and we go back to the lodge. 0 for 1.

After the morning game drive it is breakfast. After a short period of time; lunch (which we both skipped as neither of us brought pants with elastic waists). Then back in the afternoon to zone 5.

Back to the lodge after driving around for 3 1/2 h from 2:30 to 6 looking at things like this

IMG_0131If you squint really hard this is a tiger. 0 for 2

Cocktails, firelight dinner by the outdoor pool, then back to our tent for bedtime prayers for tigers.