Pension Reform News: ESG blueprint, Arizona’s pre-funding, and more

In Politics by Michael Rae

This newsletter from the Pension Integrity Project at Reason Foundation highlights articles, research, opinion, and other information related to public pension challenges and reform efforts across the nation. You can find previous editions here. 

In This Issue: 

Articles, Research & Spotlights  

A blueprint for protecting public funds from ESG and politicization 

Arizona’s innovation for multi-employer pension plans 

Challenges in inflation protection for Texas teachers 

Retention trends in the public workforce suggest the need for portability 

What U.S. pensions can learn from the U.K. margin call 

News in Brief Quotable Quotes on Pension Reform  

Articles, Research & Spotlights 

Reason’s New Blueprint for ESG-related Legislation

Reason Foundation’s Pension Integrity Project has developed an ESG Blueprint