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The Heat is On! Why should Volkswagen be investigated for emission deception, but not government agencies?

In Analysis, Research by Michael Rae

Paul Driessen

The heat is on! Not the unusual winter warmth in much of the United States – but the unrelenting heat generated by propaganda and pressure campaigns that the White House, EPA, Big Green and news media are unleashing in the wake of the Paris climate agreement … and as a prelude to the 2016 elections.

A recent Washington Post editorial laid out the strategy. The long-term warming trend is “concerning.” Maybe we can’t blame this year’s strong El Niño “squarely on climate change,” but “one paper” says the number of strong El Niño years could double. Obama’s “landmark” carbon dioxide regulations “played a key role” in securing an “unprecedented” international climate deal that could eventually compel all nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, to “avoid serious risks” of climate catastrophes.

Above all, we must “build on 2015’s climate progress.” There must be no backpedalling on the Paris accord, EPA regulations, or replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy. Above all, no “fishing expeditions designed to personally discredit scientists and undermine peer-reviewed research” that supports the elimination of carbon-based fuels. Republican claims are mere “bluster” and “buffoonery.”

Never mind that White House and EPA events, the Paris climate conference, the Vatican climate summit and even Science magazine have offered virtually no forum for numerous scientists who contest claims that humans are causing “dangerous manmade climate change” to present their case or debate alarmist witnesses and officials. Never mind that climate chaos claims look increasingly flimsy.

A fundamental principle is at stake here: policies and rules that affect our lives, livelihoods and living standards must be based on honesty, accountability and verifiable scientific evidence.

The Justice Department has sued Volkswagen on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency. They want up to $18 billion dollars in penalties, because VW installed special software that caused its diesel cars to emit fewer pollutants during tests used to ensure compliance with emission regulations. The falsified tests allegedly duped American consumers into purchasing 580,000 diesel-powered vehicles.

Federal prosecutors are also conducting criminal probes of Volkswagen and its executives. Countless other civil and criminal investigations and prosecutions have companies and citizens in their crosshairs. Such actions are often warranted, even if the draconian incarceration and monetary penalties are not.

No one should be victimized by fraud or other criminal activities, by private companies – or by government agencies and bureaucrats, or third parties they hire and use to validate their policies.

Equally important, no one forces us to buy a VW or any other car. But when it comes to laws and regulations, we have no choice. Submit, or else. If those rules are based on dishonesty – on emission deception at massive, unprecedented levels in the case of climate – we pay a huge, unacceptable price:

Our taxes support science that may be manipulated and fabricated. More taxes fund regulatory behemoths that target energy producers and energy-dependent industries, while giving billions in subsidies to crony-corporatist allies. Still more tax money is transferred to alarmists like Michael Mann and Jagedish Shukla, who launch vicious attacks on skeptics. And the resulting regulations inflict soaring energy costs that kill jobs and hammer families, companies, hospitals, schools and communities, for few or no benefits.

Congress has every right to investigate this. Indeed, legislators are duty-bound to ferret out fraud and abuse. These are not “fishing expeditions.” They seek to determine the reliability and integrity of data and studies presented to support enormously expensive policies, and ascertain the veracity of government officials and tax-supported scientists who want more power and too often refuse to answer questions.

EPA and Justice Department investigators demand full disclosure and tolerate no obstruction, obfuscation or misleading information. This is fitting and proper. But why should we and our elected representatives have to tolerate such actions by heavy-handed regulators who want to control every aspect of our lives, but routinely hide their data and methodologies, and refuse to be held accountable?

There are good reasons to doubt their climate chaos assertions, and even their integrity. What little warming our planet has experienced in the past 19 years is measured in hundredths of a degree, especially when adjusted for the El Niño effect that transfers warm surface Pacific Ocean temperatures to the atmosphere. The warming that has the Post, Mr. Obama and EPA in a tizzy began around 1850, as Earth emerged from a 500-year-long Little Ice Age – which by happy coincidence for climate alarmists also marks the beginning of the Industrial Revolution that they blame for most warming in recent decades.

Hurricanes and tornadoes, storms, droughts, polar ice and sea levels are all within the realm of historic experience. There is nothing “unprecedented” about them, and certainly nothing to justify shutting down our carbon-based energy system, restructuring our economy, or redistributing our hard-earned wealth to countries that are not bound by any energy and emission reductions agreed to in Paris.

The fracking revolution proves we are not running out of oil or natural gas. That means we have a century or more to develop affordable, reliable replacement energy technologies. It means environmental radicals now have only climate cataclysm hysteria to justify demands that we abandon hydrocarbons. It explains why they’ve concocted the fairytale that CO2 is “acidifying” oceans that are and will remain firmly alkaline, and why they have been in regulatory hyperdrive during Obama’s final years in office.

However, as Secretary of State John Kerry admitted in Paris, even if all the industrialized nations’ CO2 emissions declined to zero, “it wouldn’t be enough [to prevent alleged climate disaster], not when more than 65% of the world’s carbon pollution comes from the developing world.” Even assuming that carbon dioxide does drive climate change, all the costly, job-killing regulations that EPA is imposing would prevent an undetectable 0.018 degrees Celsius (0.032 degrees Fahrenheit) by the end of the century.

Earth’s climate fluctuates regularly. What actual evidence do climate alarmists have that recent changes are dangerous, unprecedented, and due to fossil fuel use? That any warming above 1.5 degrees C (2.7 F) would be catastrophic? (A cooler planet would be much worse for wildlife, people and agriculture.)

What actual evidence do they have that government can control climate and weather by limiting the amount of plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide that humans emit into the atmosphere? That justifies letting anti-energy activists and bureaucrats “fundamentally transform” our entire energy and economic system?

Why do they refuse to present their asserted evidence for all to see – amid robust debate and cross-examination – and try to defend their “97% consensus” science? Why do some of them think “climate deniers” are mentally ill for questioning the manmade climate Armageddon mantra?

President Obama insists that climate change is the biggest problem facing America. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seem to agree. They all think Bigger Government is the answer.

The citizenry fundamentally disagrees. One recent Gallup poll found that Americans view our already huge government, the economy, jobs and terrorism as the biggest threats facing our nation. Pollution came in at #23; global warming didn’t even register among 48 listed issues. Another Gallup study found that 69% of all Americans (88% of Republicans) say Big Government is the most serious threat we face.

That is what this year’s elections are all about.

How much bigger (or smaller) will our government become? Who gets to rule your lives: We the People, or another dictatorial president and her army of faceless, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats? What will the future hold for our lives, liberties, livelihoods and living standards?

Get informed. Get involved. Get to the polls. Better yet, take a page out of the Democrats’ playbook: get to the polls early, vote often, and make sure your dead friends and relatives vote too.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.

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Got up and drove to airport. On the way we turned off the highway, drove 75 m to a village with some nicely shaped cooking pattiesCooking pattiesWe were also shown a nice pump although I expect the hose attached to the faucet was not supposed to be part of the picture. IMG_0090Then we flew to Agra and checked in at the next hotel, read really good, Then we went to the Taj Mahal where I found this Swami standing on his head to take this picture for me. Taj

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George Washington (1731-1799) on engraving from 1859. First President of the U.S.A. during 1789-1797  and commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War during 1775-1783. Considered as Father of his country. Engraved by unknown artist and published in ''Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women with Biographies'',USA,1873.

George Washington (1731-1799) on engraving from 1859. First President of the U.S.A. during 1789-1797 and commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War during 1775-1783. Considered as Father of his country. Engraved by unknown artist and published in ”Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women with Biographies”,USA,1873.

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Growth opportunities A Fathers Advice

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I have read that volcanoes frequently emit Co 2 and other gasses in vast qualities, with number of on land and under sea volcanoes annually being in the hundreds.   I have read somewhere that Mr. St Helen emitted more Co2-carbon gaseous materials, etc. in its eruption than man had added since Christopher Columbus, with three current smaller volcanoes  in Alaska panhandle emitting, more than man has added in number of past decades.   I see great share value growth in longer term in a corporation to seriously address climate change coming up with a method or system to prevent land and under sea volcanoes from occurring in the first place.   This is in contrast to limited real [beyond feel good emotion] impact of current so called green approaches by man-gov’t in name of addressing this while absorbing funds in real motive of wealth redistribution.

This man funds deployment fad will I believe have a short life once cost, benefit and impact is clearer as well as appreciation of growing scientific admission of small impact relativity of man caused emissions prevention “green” initiatives.

This said, I can see in short term investing in environmental equipment-service companies serving this current feel good fad as having next [short term] growth potential, this an unsound but growing tax payer fed industry.

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Best hotel in Veranasi and I can give you the entire Englishwoman’s conversation with her mother from the room next to us. I rang their room doorbell on our way out this morning just before six. White Rabbit, bi*ch.

Went down one of the two major Ghats (riverfront steps) to the river first thing  where we climbed into our rowboat and did a boat tourIMG_0082and of course just next door to this Ghat is one of the Ghats where they have the funeral pyres. I was pointed out two, one on either side of where people were bathing and drinking the water. So no matter which way the water is flowing the bathers are downstream of one of them. Funnily enough didn’t appear to be too many people fishing

On our way out of the old city (the alleys are about four people wide and dark all the time) we stopped,  got searched went through a detector, got body searched then walked down a narrow way, climbed up what appeared to be someone’s doorstep to see the top of a Hindu temple (hidden behind a big wall) next to the top of a Mosque next to it. Some big pissing contest started 500 years ago when the Muslims razed a Hindu temple built a Mosque on top of it then the Hindus came and built a temple next to that. Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley can’t hold a candle to these guys.

After that a brief stop for some street Indian food (insert joke about Imodium here) then back to the hotel for a rest. It is liking going on urban safaris.

The museum to look at Indian paintings and sculptures from 500 years ago was OK then back down to the river for a float by to see how things were proceeding at the funeral ghat before watching the daily (you must be kdding) Hindu evening prayer celebration. It wasn’t very busy, only about a billion people.

This is from our boatIMG_0088 Back to our room. If the woman next door keeps talking next time it is going to be the bag on fire when she opens the door.

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