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Justice Centre at B.C. Court of Appeal to defend campus free speech

In Analysis, Miscellaneous by Michael Rae

Justice Centre president John Carpay with statue of Lady Justice, the Roman goddess Justitia (the Greek goddess Themis), outside the B.C. Court of Appeal, February 5, 2016.
The B.C. Court of Appeal heard oral argument last week about the rights of university students to express unpopular beliefs on campus, in the…read more

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Viewpoint – Uber and Taxis: Australia Opens the Door to Reforms

In Analysis, Miscellaneous, Transport by Michael Rae

Viewpoint describing reforms recently implemented in Australia allowing the taxi industry and ride-sharing applications to coexist peacefully

In the majority of North American cities, existing laws do not control or make any provisions for activities related to ride-sharing applications. As a result, they operate in a grey zone. Like certain European cities, Vancouver and Montreal have chosen to oppose the operation of such services.
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Siddhartha and the Wedding Crashers

In From Other Parts, Miscellaneous by Michael Rae

Flew to Varanasi/Benares. Made it to the Taj Gateway. Unloaded then headed off to  the museum at Sarnath then to walk the grounds where Siddhartha delivered his first sermon as Buddha. To commemorate the occasion and mark the spot,  a really long time ago, someone erected this “what were they thinking”.IMG_0069We got back to the hotel just in time to do some touring of the wedding reception in the gardens before the guests showed up

When we walked out we came through this tunnel backwards so I guess we’re divorced now


Tomorrow I don’t have to worry about going back to sleep when I wake up at 4 f**king thirty as we are headed to the Ganges for the sunrise

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Toronto Board reverses decision to ban Christian group from Yonge-Dundas Square

In Analysis, Miscellaneous, Rights by Michael Rae

News Release

Friday, February 5, 2016

Toronto Board reverses decision to ban Christian group from Yonge-Dundas Square

TORONTO:  On February 4, 2016, the Yonge-Dundas Square (YDS) Board of Management reversed the October 2015 decision of YDS staff to ban Voices of the Nations (VOTN) from Yonge-Dundas Square.  The Board has directed that a permit be granted to VOTN to

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CTV Power Play with May and Mason Elizabeth May and Rideau Institute President Peggy Mason

In Analysis, Miscellaneous, Opinion by Michael Rae

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Rideau Institute President Peggy Mason discuss the new Liberal plan for countering ISIS with Don Martin of CTV Power Play.
Click here for both interviews: Don Martin Power Play with Elizabeth May and Peggy Mason (, 9 Feb 2016).  The Mason interview begins at the…

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Yoga with a Yogi

In From Other Parts by Michael Rae

The other half of the sleeping pill worked until shortly after 05:00. Nancy had a yoga session (with some woman who’s name was not Yogi) from 07:30 – 09:00 while I took off for some more Old Delhi fun. Went to the vegetable market where I found some very reasonably priced cauliflowers and  the Eunuchs’ penis’s.cauliflowersIMG_0048 Back to the hotel for breakfast and Nancy then off to the Humayun tomb.

Then after we stopped in to see Ghandi’s house we went to the Sikh temple where volunteers feed thousands of people a day using the world’s largest wok.

Sikh kitchen 5Dinner out at Bukhara where the specialty was food cooked in Tandoori ovens. The cooks worked behind plexiglass.

It was like a fast food place masquerading as sort of fine dining. In, order, drink beer, eat food and leave in 45 minutes. Go for the chicken, the prawns were weak.

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Poll Reveals U.S. Voters are Uninformed About Major Issues What do voters truly understand about policy issues ?

In From Other Parts by Michael Rae

What do voters truly understand about policy issues that have major impacts on society? In the final weeks of 2015, Just Facts commissioned a nationwide poll to scientifically determine this.

While most polls focus on public opinion, this one measured voters’ knowledge of issues that have substantial consequences for Americans. The poll consisted of 23 questions about education, healthcare, taxes, government spending, global warming, Social Security, energy, hunger, pollution, and the national debt.

Overall, the majority of voters gave the correct answer to only six of the 23 questions. This indicates that many voters may be casting ballots based on false views of reality.

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Why transport syndicate is an ill system

In From Other Parts, Miscellaneous, Transport by Michael Rae

Existence of public transport syndicate in Nepal is a common knowledge. Those who commute by bus, micros, and taxis, our stories might be somewhat similar. Clinging to the bus door, constantly struggling to grab a seat and getting stuck in the back end of the bus and not being able to get off on our […]

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Delhi check

In From Other Parts, Miscellaneous by Michael Rae

Went to the India Gate, checkIndia Gate, Feb1Then went to some old place and saw some old stuff then went and had lunch and ate some fresh stuff. Then went to Old DelhiOn our rickshaw, not a traffic jamSomewhere shortly after this our bicycle rickshaw guy turned left and right and rinse and repeat then we parked where we went up to the second floor of somewhere so we could cough without drawing attention to ourselves. Everyone was hacking  because of all the chili dust in the air.

chilisSo then we had to leave so we could get into a traffic jam where Eunochs in bad clothes banged on the windows and demanded money (The guide pointed out they were eunuchs, I recognized the bad clothes on my own)

Out for dinner at Accent of India. Note to self: have to stop booking fine dining the night after we arrive somewhere with a 13 1/2h time difference. Home and in bed to the live band sounds from the wedding reception on the hotel grounds