Kentucky Ranks 7th in the Nation in Highway Performance and Cost-Effectiveness

In Politics by Michael Rae

Kentucky’s Rankings in the27th Annual Highway ReportCategoryRankOverall7Capital-Bridge Disbursements Ratio14Maintenance Disbursements Ratio19Administrative Disbursements Ratio1Other Disbursements Ratio26Rural Interstate Pavement Condition16Urban Interstate Pavement Condition16Rural Other Principal Arterial Pavement Condition14Urban Other Principal Arterial Pavement Condition6Urbanized Area Congestion19Structurally Deficient Bridges26Rural Fatality Rate24Urban Fatality Rate40Other Fatality Rate48Kentucky’s Overall Ranking in Recent Annual Highway Reports

Kentucky’s highway system ranks 7th in the nation in overall cost-effectiveness and condition, according to the Annual Highway Report by Reason Foundation. This is a three-spot decrease from the previous report, where Kentucky ranked 4th. However, some categories in the report cannot be compared to previous years due to methodological changes that also