Comment on Vital Facts About Covid-19 by Tia M Lee

In Research by Michael Rae

I love “Just the Facts” and go to this site often for sound information. This article does a good job of presenting information about the Covid-19 virus and compares it to other flu virus outbreaks. I spent yesterday reading various scientific websites to try to understand why governments around the world would shut down their economies in order to avoid the spread of Covid – 19. I think understanding that is very important before you try to compare this to other viruses. I didn’t see that kind of information on this website and was very disappointed because I know a lot of people come to this website for perspective. Covid 19 is very different than a flu virus. The biggest difference is this virus has the ability to mutate and mutate quickly. It’s first mutation happened in Wuhan China in November 2019 when it mutated for the first time and attacked a human. That was something Covid 19 wasn’t able to do prior to November 2019. The virus then mutated giving it the ability to pass from one human to the next around that same timeframe. It has since mutated again creating two strains of the virus. Because this particular virus is never been transmitted from human to human no human beings have a natural immunity to it. That is why it is so contagious, it also limits for a long time on services up to three days on metal surfaces. In five months time this virus went from a exotic food market in Wuhan China to all around the world and is breaking the backs of healthcare systems. Our threat in the United States is that at the rate people are contracting the virus we will not have enough ventilators or hospital ICU rooms to care for those people that are vulnerable. That message needs to be said loud and clear to everyone.

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