Comment on Vital Facts About Covid-19 by Joe Albers

In Research by Michael Rae

Thank you so much for bringing some clarity and objectivity to this Corona Virus issue. The symptoms due appear to be much more like a severe cold, where the Influenza virus infections can sometimes take multiple months to completely recover from, especially if you are older. I agree completely with you that the Fear and Panic from misinformation or overstatement of the facts is not helping anyone. It does appear that ease of transmission may be the only real issue. Why hasn’t anyone reported the statistics from the CDC on the 2017-18 Flu Season where 54 million people were symptomatic, 250,000 people were hospitalized and 61,099 people died from it. What has happened to true investigative journalism where all sides are presented like you attempted to do in this article from Just Facts. When a person has fear and scarcity in their mind they are more like to get sick. When someone has appreciation and gratitude in their heart and mind they are more likely to fight off an illness. In addition, connecting with others and having a sense of community does wonders for one’s well being and health. This is what we need to be promoting. Let me know if there are opportunities for me to help out in getting accurate information out to the public. with Thanks and Gratitude, Joe Albers, Denver CO

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