CALGARY SET FOR POP UP NANNY STATE STORE! Nanny State Store in Calgary - October 25th

In Education, Politics, Rights by Michael Rae

We are Students for Liberty and we are hosting a Nanny State Store in Calgary on October 25th. If you haven’t seen our Nanny State activism before, check out our video from our Toronto Nanny State Store.

SFL Canada’s Calgary Nanny State Store will open its doors at 9:00am and close at 3:00pm. The store represents what corner stores would look like if the government had its way, and overtaxed, over regulated or straight up banned everything that is bad for your health.

Join us for some government approved chocolate bars, chips and pop.

The address for the store is 100 4th Ave SW, Suite 304 (third floor), Calgary, AB, T2P 3N2.


David Clement
Students For Liberty
Director of North American Programs