If you have ever been to Disneyworld for when they “drop the rope” and you run to be first in line for the ride this is slightly better. Gates open at 7 for the Taj and the que starts at before we got there.

The best part? if you spin around from this picture

IMG_0097and look at the Taj the semi precious stones on the outside wall light up like Christmas lights.

Went to a place where they practiced the art of marble inlay and talked to the gold medalist of Indian Sales. I made it to the room of Last Hope (his words) before he got me.

Then to the Agra fort (if you want pictures google it on the f**king internet)

Punched out early. Went back to the hotel instead of going into the noise of old Agra. Tomorrow is the drive to Ranthambore where we stay in a tented camp and do the rural safari thing. Not sure whether it is going to be the tiger from “Hold that Tiger” or Tony from Frosted Flakes, the only true breakfast cereal.