Where are we again? Jaipur; the city of jewelry

In From Other Parts by Michael Rae

Jaipur; the city of jewelry where, according to our guide Sandeep “you can call me Sandy” (fat chance of that) every third house has someone employed in the jewel trade. What do I buy? A linen shirt and Nancy narrowly avoids a carpet purchase and we both say no way to a jewelry polishing factory (read I already have two timeshares).

But that was way after there was a mix up with the guide, the driver, and the local agent (he the keeper of the itinerary) so that when we arrived at the Amber fort and saw people getting elephant rides to the top we said IN.

For 1100  rupees we got to sit sideways on Rihindi the 34 year old elephant


(I thought it was 1100 a person and when the mahout gave me half my money back, he thought I had had a stroke)

Then we got to go for a short walk along the wall of some ancient path.


We climbed up a small hill that our booking agent thought was going to be hard enough that we needed a tea break before continuing

IMG_0197and then we climbed down the other side and then we went shopping.