Trudeau’s Big Test—Will Electoral Reform be Real? Elizabeth May

In Analysis, Opinion by Michael Rae

It is the boldest reform, wrapped in an unequivocal promise: 2015 will be the last election held under the first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting system. It was part of the Liberal platform and was confirmed in the Speech from the Throne. The NDP also promised to get rid of FPTP, as did the Green Party.  So while FPTP delivered, once again, a “false majority”—a majority for the Liberals with 39 per cent of the popular vote—nearly 65 per cent of Canadians voted for a candidate running on a platform for electoral reform. On this issue, as on climate change and our healthcare system, among a handful of others, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can claim support from two Canadians in three.

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