The ‘Good Food Now!’ Olive Garden Crusade

olive garden
Your writer lives beyond the outskirts of Midland, Michigan, a small Midwestern town that is buoyed fortuitously by a Fortune 50 company. It’s a nifty place: Population around 50,000, a plethora of parks and bike trails, three rivers converging west of town, relatively low crime rate, and plenty of establishments of both the local and national variety in which to dine out. One of these eateries is the Darden Restaurants, Inc. chain Olive Garden. Can’t say I’ve ever dined there, but I’ve noticed the parking lot is always full whenever I drive past on my way to the movie theater or book store, which must indicate something positive. Then there are these little nuggets of info: Darden reports $6.7 billion in sales each year, largely accountable to its 1,500 Olive Garden casual-dining restaurants, which serve 320 million meals annually.

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