The Beacon – December 2015

In From Other Parts by Michael Rae

It has been a challenging but good year at AIMS. While the bar was set on our research productivity in 2015, our soon to be published Annual Report will show a lean and efficient organization committed to building upon another successful year.

We have an exciting set of research projects, op-eds and commentaries coming up in the New Year that will energize debate about issues in Atlantic Canada.With new fellows and researchers joining in the Institute in 2016, we expect to serve as the bastion of market-oriented principles in Atlantic Canada, making us once again the region`s most trusted source for independent economic and social commentary.
On behalf of AIMS` Board of Directors and staff, I wish everybody a wonderful and restful Christmas and look forward to serving you again in the New Year.
Marco Navarro-Genie, PhD
President and CEO 

2016 Policy Wish List

AIMS in the News
Legislated wage patterns a step in the right direction: AIMS
On December 22, AIMS president and CEO, Marco Navarro-Genie, spoke on the Rick Howe Show about Nova Scotia Bill 148, calling attention to the long-established constitutional principle that a legislature has the authority to determine its own spending.  The key principle governing modern liberal democracies goes back eight centuries to the 1215 Magna Carta. To listen, click here.
Commentary: Electoral reform is a paradox for Atlantic Canada
Dated: 18 Dec 2015
Morgan Beatty and Marco Navarro-Genie
With the opening of the 42nd Parliament, Atlantic Canadians can be sure that they are well represented in the federal governing party. If the Liberal government delivers on their promise to