Ipsos Analysis of Donald Trump’s Climb to 1,237 Delegates A Contested Convention?

by Jack Esslinger

The notion of a contested convention for the Republican presidential nomination has gained traction over the last several weeks. A contested convention (also known as a brokered convention) would occur in the event that none of the Republican nominees were able to reach the 1,237 delegate threshold needed in order to clinch the nomination.

Both political pundits and members of the Republican Party, disaffected with the idea of a Donald Trump led presidential ticket, have attempted to lend credence to this nomination scenario. A scenario, in fact, that hasn’t happened in forty years when it last happened at the 1976 Republican National Convention. Regardless, if Tuesday’s final Super Tuesday results were any indication of things to come, the path to a contested convention appears to be narrowing to the slimmest of margins.

After delegates were divvied up in the wake of Tuesday’s five primaries Trump has now acquired a total of 673 delegates, over half (fifty-four percent to be exact) Read more at Ipsos