Extreme ideas to buck New Brunswick’s dismal job trend (Telegraph-Journal)

In From Other Parts by Michael Rae

By JOHN CHILIBECK Legislature Bureau
Cutting corporate taxes to zero and eliminating all business subsidies are just some of the extreme ideas being floated to address New Brunswick’s bleak job situation.
Statistics Canada’s latest labour market survey, released Friday, showed the province lost 5,700 jobs in February, most of them full-time.
The number of people working had also dropped to its lowest level in a decade: the 346,000 New Brunswickers with a job were 6,000 fewer than just a year ago.
To top off the dismal news, the unemployment rate crept up to 9.9 per cent, a rise from 9.3 per cent in January.
Across Canada, it was 7.3 per cent.
“Fixing the economy is the central question today,” says Marco Navarro-Génie, president and CEO of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies. “Obviously there are more important things than money. But in order to take care of more important things that we love or are fond of – family, education, health – it’s hard to imagine how that can be done without an economy. The case in point is family. How do we stop our children and grandchildren from fleeing the place seeking opportunity?”
The head of the nonprofit research institute suggested a number of ways to help spur job creation.
On top of the list was getting rid of all business subsidies offered by the provincial and federal governments and putting that money into a program that spreads benefits equally, what he believes would eliminate favouritism.
Such a move would mean disbanding the new provincial Crown corporation Opportunities