Delhi check

Went to the India Gate, checkIndia Gate, Feb1Then went to some old place and saw some old stuff then went and had lunch and ate some fresh stuff. Then went to Old DelhiOn our rickshaw, not a traffic jamSomewhere shortly after this our bicycle rickshaw guy turned left and right and rinse and repeat then we parked where we went up to the second floor of somewhere so we could cough without drawing attention to ourselves. Everyone was hacking  because of all the chili dust in the air.

chilisSo then we had to leave so we could get into a traffic jam where Eunochs in bad clothes banged on the windows and demanded money (The guide pointed out they were eunuchs, I recognized the bad clothes on my own)

Out for dinner at Accent of India. Note to self: have to stop booking fine dining the night after we arrive somewhere with a 13 1/2h time difference. Home and in bed to the live band sounds from the wedding reception on the hotel grounds