All Ganges all the time

In From Other Parts, Miscellaneous by Michael Rae

Best hotel in Veranasi and I can give you the entire Englishwoman’s conversation with her mother from the room next to us. I rang their room doorbell on our way out this morning just before six. White Rabbit, bi*ch.

Went down one of the two major Ghats (riverfront steps) to the river first thing  where we climbed into our rowboat and did a boat tourIMG_0082and of course just next door to this Ghat is one of the Ghats where they have the funeral pyres. I was pointed out two, one on either side of where people were bathing and drinking the water. So no matter which way the water is flowing the bathers are downstream of one of them. Funnily enough didn’t appear to be too many people fishing

On our way out of the old city (the alleys are about four people wide and dark all the time) we stopped,  got searched went through a detector, got body searched then walked down a narrow way, climbed up what appeared to be someone’s doorstep to see the top of a Hindu temple (hidden behind a big wall) next to the top of a Mosque next to it. Some big pissing contest started 500 years ago when the Muslims razed a Hindu temple built a Mosque on top of it then the Hindus came and built a temple next to that. Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley can’t hold a candle to these guys.

After that a brief stop for some street Indian food (insert joke about Imodium here) then back to the hotel for a rest. It is liking going on urban safaris.

The museum to look at Indian paintings and sculptures from 500 years ago was OK then back down to the river for a float by to see how things were proceeding at the funeral ghat before watching the daily (you must be kdding) Hindu evening prayer celebration. It wasn’t very busy, only about a billion people.

This is from our boatIMG_0088 Back to our room. If the woman next door keeps talking next time it is going to be the bag on fire when she opens the door.